Negotiations update for We Care Home Health Services

April 19, 2017

Following our last bargaining update, we spoke to many members directly about the bargaining process, listened to member concerns, and conducted an additional four days of bargaining on February 20, 21, 25, 26 to bring solutions to the table. 
Bargaining will resume on April 25th for three days. These dates are very important as we’ll be tabling the remainder of our monetary proposals (matters that cost money). We hope to bring bargaining to a close on these days but much relies on your employer’s responses to our remaining proposals and the employer proposals which still remain outstanding.

As a reminder, your employer continues seeking substantial changes to the collective agreement which include the following:

  • Removal of consultation for shift scheduling be removed from the collective agreement
  • Shift schedules to be sent out more than once a week. Example, they want the right to amend your schedule more often without your agreement.
  • "72-hour" shift change language to be reduced to 48
  • Four-hour minimum language to be removed
  • The ability to schedule you seven days a week
  • 50/50 cost share for benefits

Scheduling remains a very important matter for the union and we will continue to look for solutions that will impact members positively and improve your day-to-day working conditions.

Your bargaining committee will determine whether we can find a tentative agreement which can be recommended or whether the bargaining process will need to escalate, therefore your support is very important. Your committee is working hard for you.

Please stay tuned to further updates and keep in contact with your bargaining committee members with any questions you may have. We will be in contact with you following these very important bargaining dates.

In solidarity

Bargaining Committee
Michele Reade                Deborah Lee
Ellen Bellamy                 Kelli Glover

Gary Bennett, Staff Negotiator

Download PDF of notice here.