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Collective Agreements & Pensions

Employer Collective Agreement Pension
Atira Property Management Inc. Atira Property Management Inc.
Barkerville Heritage Trust Barkerville Heritage Trust Employer RRSP
BC Housing Management Commission (Admin.) BC Housing Management Commission (Administrative/Clerical Division) Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)
BC Housing Management Commission (Maint) BC Housing Management Commission - Maintenance/Service Division Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)
BC Milk Marketing Board BC Milk Marketing Board Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)
BC Pavilion Corporation (BC Place) BC Pavilion Corporation Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)
Best Western King's Motor Inn Hospitality Industrial Relations
Big Brothers / Renew Crew Foundation (Renew Crew Foundation) Renew Crew Foundation
Brookfield Johnson Controls WSI (BJC-WSI) Brookfield GIS Workplace Solutions Inc. Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)
Canadian Diabetes Association Canadian Diabetes Association Employer RRSP
Cariboo Regional District Cariboo Regional District Municipal Pension Plan (MPP)
CBC Business Services Society (Canada / British Columbia Business Services Society) Canada/British Columbia Business Services Society Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)
City Of Fort St John City of Fort St. John Municipal Pension Plan (MPP)
Compass Group Canada - Fraser Valley (Compass Foods - Fraser Valley) Compass Group Canada Ltd. FV Corrections Employer RRSP
Compass Group Canada-Nanaimo (Compass Foods-Nanaimo) Compass Group Canada (Nanaimo Correctional Centre) Employer RRSP
Compass Group Canada-Surrey (Compass Foods-Surrey Pretrial) Compass Group Canada Ltd. (Surrey Pre-Trial) Employer RRSP
Crest Motor Hotel Hospitality Industrial Relations
Destination Cinema Canada, Inc (IMAX) Destination Cinema (IMAX)
District Of Hudson's Hope District of Hudson's Hope Municipal Pension Plan (MPP)
District Of Sechelt District of Sechelt Municipal Pension Plan (MPP)
Firefighters Social Club The Firefighters Hose N' Hydrant Public House
First Credit Union First Credit Union and First Insurance Services Ltd. BC Central Credit Union, Employer RRSP
Gateway Grand Villa Casino - Non Supervisory Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited (Grand Villa Casino, Burnaby) Employer RRSP
Gateway Grand Villa Casino - Supervisory Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited (Grand Villa Casino, Burnaby) Employer RRSP
Gateway Lake City Casino Lake City Casinos Ltd. BC Target Benefit Pension Plan, Employer RRSP
Gateway Starlight Casino Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited (Starlight Casino) BC Target Benefit Pension Plan
Grand Forks District Credit Union Grand Forks District Savings Credit Union Employer RRSP
Haida Way Motor Inn Haida-Way Motor Inn
IDEXX Reference Laboratories Ltd (IDEXX Laboratories Canada) IDEXX Reference Laboratories Ltd. Employer RRSP
Interior Savings Credit Union Interior Savings Credit Union (formerly Okanagan Savings Credit Union) Employer RRSP