Unsung Superstars

We're celebrating and acknowledging BCGEU members in our administrative services component (aka component 12)

It's time UNSUNG SUPERSTARS in our workplaces were acknowledged and celebrated.

Too often, we're unrecognized and under-appreciated for being the glue that holds worksites together. Workplaces wouldn’t function without us.

That's why we've created a campaign to showcase the UNSUNG SUPERSTARS in our ranks.

Nominate a coworker who deserves recognition. We'll profile the person with a write-up and photo on this page and on social media.


Learn more about the campaign

BCGEU members in the administrative services component provide front-line administrative and support services for the B.C. government and non-government employers. We work in a variety of classifications and positions: administrative officer, clerk, postal clerk, clerk stenographer, coordinator of volunteers, analyst, court clerk, financial officer, health unit aide, medical records librarian and technician, office assistant, data processing operator, radio, teletype and switchboard operators, stationery clerk and stockworker.

It's time UNSUNG SUPERSTARS were acknowledged and celebrated.

You can nominate your colleague as an UNSUNG SUPERSTAR by completing an online submission form on the ACTION CENTRE page below.

Download a campaign poster for your workplace's bulletin board by visiting our RESOURCES page below.

Action Centre

NOMINATE your colleague as an UNSUNG SUPERSTAR
by completing this 

Afterwards, we'll contact you and the nominee for more information about the nominee and a recent head and shoulders photo. Short stories and photos will be featured on this campaign page and appear on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

UNSUNG SUPERSTARS will also be acknowledged with a special token. 


Click on the image to download the campaign poster:                  Click on the image to download the campaign message box: