Recognizing BCGEU members in administrative services

April 21, 2016

Administrative service workers are just about everywhere. They may be in the background or right at the front desk. They may be in the private or the public sector. Most don’t wear a uniform and they may not always be easy to identify.

Make no mistake about it, administrative service professionals are the backbone of every organization.

Thousands of BCGEU members work in administrative services, for the B.C. Government and private sector employers. You’ll also find administrative professionals doing important work in the health sector and education. Without them, the services and products British Columbians rely upon couldn’t be delivered effectively and efficiently.

Administrative services have been hit by budget cuts and downsizing. They’ve been pushed to learn to do more with less. They’re stretched to the limit a lot of the time. Still, they deliver value day in and day out. They’re professional and reliable.

Every day, administrative service workers fulfill their professional roles and responsibilities as service providers to British Columbians and their communities.

And each April, we celebrate the essential role of administrative service workers across B.C. during Administrative Professionals Week (April 24 – 30), and Administrative Services Recognition Day (April 27).

I’ll be visiting some worksites next week to thank our administrative service members for the work they do.  I'm looking forward to seeing you.  For those I don't get to see, know that you are appreciated for all you do, everyday.

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It's great to see you say how much you value the services administrative professionals provide, but it's exceptionally disappointing to see how BCGEU has let wages for admins be reduced. Talk is cheap. I was told last round of negotiations the office manager's wage was dropped one or two levels, from an AS5 or AS6 to an AS4. That means there's one level between a supervisor and the staff they supervise (AS3) even though a ton more is expected of AS4s. I truly hope in the next round of negotiations this is corrected. When you see someone in the same organization but in a different union making say three dollars more per hour in the same type of role, it makes your own wage a bit hard to swallow.
Also, please don't try to keep a wage down by calling someone a 'coordinator' instead of a 'manager'. Staff see through that. It may not seem like a big deal, but that one little change encompasses what the role is so much better. It's also an indication of how organization looks at their staff - they know what they expect of their staff, they hire staff who are qualified to do the work, they value the work their staff does, and they realize giving them appropriate titles and wages is the right thing to do.

There seems to be cut backs regarding cleaners. It is known that each store provides cleaning products. But if you were to walk thru a BCLIQUOR STORE the dust, dirt accumulation is quite present. Floors are noticeably dirty ,stained are they even washed? The lunchroom door handles and area around are turning black. Area on washroom doors same. How can we prevent sicknesses after we wash our hands and touch doors and knobs that are filthy? Same as fridge handles. Dust is consistent everywhere. Minimal wiping everywhere. Won't customers start to notice? Some stores windows are not washed at all. Rumour going round that at one store the washrooms weren't cleaned for Three weeks. Why is this happening? We go home after shift and feel so dirty that bathing is required immediately. No one in management thinks this is an issue. They pretend they don't see stains dust debris everywhere. Are we to be cleaning toilets now too? Putting up signs about washing your hands prevent illness is an oxymoron to the dirt supplied at no charge. I must not be the only person noticing this. Who cleans your $250,000 motorhome you cruise around in? I would appreciate confidentiality of my name being mentioned thus I lose my job for trying to understand why this is happening to us.