BCGEU young workers committee building the future

April 29, 2016

Our future strength depends on the actions we take now. Actions that include developing leadership potential and union awareness among young workers.

This week, members of the BCGEU’s young workers committee will be charting a course for the future as they hold their triennial conference at Harrison Hot Springs.

The theme of this year’s conference is Solidarity in Action. Workshops, panels, and other discussion-based sessions will cover topics ranging from social media in the workplace to navigating rules of order for formal meetings.

Young workers can have issues that differ from members with more years in the workforce. That’s why the your union makes certain the voices of young workers are heard when we set union policy and bargaining priorities. Engaging with young workers is crucial to ensuring a vibrant and diverse union membership, now and for future generations.

We’ve been creating opportunities for young workers to reach out to others through conferences, training and other initiatives since the 2002 BCGEU Triennial Convention. That’s when we created the young workers committee. Each component executive, local executive and cross-component committee designates one seat for a young worker. Any BCGEU member under the age of 29 at the beginning of their three-year term is eligible to hold a young worker seat.

The BCGEU is always keen to get young workers involved in the union. If that’s you, contact your local chair or BCGEU area office for information about opportunities

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